Dwueng-Chwuan "Tony" Jhwueng

Postdoctoral Fellow
NIMBioS: National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996


2010 Ph.D. in Mathematics (Statistics option). Indiana University, Bloomington.

        • Thesis: Problems in Phylogenetics Comparative Methods, Indiana University, Bloomington.
        • Advisor: Elizabeth Ann Housworth.

2007 M.S. in Mathematics. Indiana University Bloomington.

2003 B.A. Mathematical Sciences. National Chengchi University, Graduated with Highest Honors.

Academic Working Experience:

1. Postdoctoral Fellow, NIMBioS. Oct. 2010 - Sep. 2012.
2. Associate Instructor, Department of Mathematics, Indiana University. Jan. 2008 - May 2010.
3. Reseach assistant, Institute of Statistics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. July - Dec. 2004.
4. Reseach assistant, Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. July 2003 - June 2004.

Research Interests:

(1) Phylogenetic Comparative Methods.
(2) Model Selection in Phylogenetics.
(3) Applied Stochastics Process.


[1] Beaulieu, M. J., D.-C. Jhwueng and B. C. O’Meara. Modeling stabilizing selection: Relaxing the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model of adaptive evolution. (accepted pending revision)

[2] Gilman, R. T., D.-C. Jhwueng and S. Nuismer. Coevolution in multidimensional trait space favors escape from parasites and pathogens. (to appear)

Current working projects:

∗ Jhwueng, D.-C. and V. Maroulas. Phylogenetic Ornstein-Ulenhbeck regression curves. (submitted)

∗ Jhwueng, D.-C. and B. C. O’Meara. A new comparative method for investigating hybrid trait evolution using phylogenetic network. (To submit soon)

∗ Jhwueng, D.-C., O’Meara, B. C., Huzurbazar, S. and Liu, L. On the inconsistency between KL distance and AIC for DNA evolution models. (In preparation)

∗ Gilman, R. T, D.-C. Jhwueng , D. Botesteanu, F. Goglio and Y. Yong. How does the effort a mother bird expends on her offspring depend on the attractiveness of her mate? (In preparation)

  • Jhwueng, D.-C. Model selection and goodness fit for phylogenetic comparative methods.


    ♦ Jhwueng, D.-C. R package Bmhyd: Detecting hybrid trait evolution through phylogenetic comparative method. (To complete soon)

    Group research activities:

    NIMBioS Working Group: Gene Tree Reconciliation

    Mentoring Experience:
        •Math Mentor for REU(V): Project: How does the effort a mother bird expends on her offspring depend on the attractiveness of her mate? (with Bio-Mentor: Tucker R. Gilman). NIMBioS. June 7- July 30 2011.

    Statistical Consulting Experience:
         •Project: On the mating choices of sexual reproduction in snails. Indiana University Spring 2009.

    Teaching Experience:
        •Instructor for M151:Mathematics for the Life Sciences (Spring 2012) University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
        •Associate Instructor for Calculus I: Fall 2009-2010. Indiana University Bloomington.
        •Teaching Assistant for statistical techniques; mathematics for elementary teachers: probability and statistics; mathematics for elementary teachers: geometry; finite mathematics; introduction to probability and statistics; mathematics statistics; Numerical analysis I.

        •Modeling phylogenetic comparative methods with Hybridization. WYRMB: Workshop for Young Researchers in Mathematical Biology, MBI, Columbus OH. Aug. 2011. Poster
        •Model selection and goodness of fit for phylogenetic comparative methods. 2011 Joint Statistical Meetings section 170, Miami FL. Aug. 2011. Slides
        •A non-normal multivariate distribution of phylogenetic tree dependency. GSPC5:The 5th Annual Graduate Student Probability Conference, Georgia Tech School of Mathematics, Atlanta GA. Apr. 2011. Slides
        •Modeling phylogenetic comparative methods with Hybridization. NIMBioS: Interdisciplinary Seminar, NIMBioS Jan. 2011. Slides
        •Phylogenetics comparative methods, Probability Seminar, Indiana University. Apr. 2009.
        •Model selection for phylogenetic comparative methods under Univariate Data, The 2nd Graduate Student Probability Conference , University of Wisconsin, Madison. May 2008. Slides
        •Univariate data analysis in phylogenetic comparative methods, Midwest Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop, Ball State University, May 2008. Poster

    Graduate Coursework in:
        •Applied Mathematics: mathematical methods for biology, numerical analysis, advanced numerical methods.
        •Probability/Statistics: theory of probability, mathematical statistics, time series analysis, advanced statistical techniques, selected topics in statistics and probability, statistical consulting, applied stochastic process, statistics computing ,functional data analysis(audit).
        •Programming: Python, topic in programming.
        •Biology: Genome biology for scientists, special topics in zoology(phylogenetic comparative method), molecular biology(undergraduate).

    Curriculum Vitae

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    Teaching Statement


        •Tucker Gilman

        •Liang Liu

        •Vasileios Maroulas

        •Brian O'Meara


    Tony Jhwueng
    1534 White Ave. Suite 409B
    Knoxville, TN 37996-1527
    Phone: (865) 974-4965
    email: djhwueng (at) nimbios (dot) org